So, who goes first?

There are lots of rules in board games around deciding which player gets to go first.  In fact it seems now a days that any game worth its meeples has a special rule to determine who has the honour of taking the first move. The problem with a lot of these rules however, is they... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter: Overworld

Earlier this week I got very excited talking about Fire of Eidolon by Magic Meeple Games. In the review, there was a fair bit of lamenting and gnashing of teeth, as I bemoaned that I didn't manage to pick up Fire of Eidolon when it appeared on Kickstarter and was playing a friend's copy of the... Continue Reading →

Fire of Eidolon

I was planning to write this article earlier this week, but instead I spent a sizable chunk of my time playing Gauntlet on an NES Emulator on my PC.  After that, I spent a similarly heafty slice of time playing Streets of Rage II and Golden Axe on an Sega Emulator. That’s right, nostalgia¹ was quite figuratively sloshing... Continue Reading →

Playtest: Scandinavia and the World

This weekend we were fortunate enough to have an afternoon playtesting the very much anticipated Scandinavia and the World card game. Designed by Gregory Carslaw, Scandinavia and the World (Going by the name SatW: A Heap of Trouble) is a bidding card game for 2-5 players. The games that we ran each took no more than 30 minutes to... Continue Reading →


I work in office. It’s not a particularly stressful job but even so, when I get home I like to relax and put the worries of a long day far behind me. This is why I do not like Fuse. Now don’t get me wrong, Fuse is an excellent and engaging game; and I am... Continue Reading →

Escape the Nightmare

The room is silent; there are four of us seated around the dining room table, we glance anxiously at each other; each clutching five similarly backed cards. There is an awkward pause; we are all waiting for someone else to speak. “Are you ready?” I ask, breaking the silence, uncertainty rich in my voice.  The... Continue Reading →

Gamecamp 9

If you're looking for game-related things to add to your calendar, I recommend Gamecamp. Gamecamp is an unconference, hosted at and sponsored by London South Bank University. It's usually annual (they've skipped a couple of years) and May 2017 was the date of Gamecamp 9. If you're unfamiliar with unconferences, they're self-organising conferences. An application... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Exterminate!

My teenage years were troubled. Each week I would scrape together as much money as I could possibly find, so that by the weekend I could make my way to the seedier part of the town where I would meet Jon. Jon was older than me. Jon was cool. Jon had long hair. Jon could... Continue Reading →

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